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Things to do

All things to do in Oamaru: by yourself or following tours. If you prefer

Totara estate

If you are interested in the living history of New Zealand one of the

Oamaru steam train

Ever dreamt about New Zealand tours by steam train? Enjoy Oamaru’s history by hitching

Oamaru gardens

Enjoy beautiful flowers, waterfalls and even a fragrant garden in the Oamaru gardens during

Historical Sites

Oamaru is gaining increasing popularity among visitors who travel to New Zealand due to

Moeraki Boulders

The Moeraki Boulders are a worthwhile place to stop if you are driving from

List of Attractions

Oamaru is a relatively small town but there is a wide variety of main

Oamaru Penguins

One of the must-see natural attractions when visiting New Zealand are the Oamaru penguins.

Blue penguins colony

One of the must-see attractions of your New Zealand vacation are the Oamaru blue