Oamaru Hotels

Enjoy a great stay and all comforts in one of these 2 Victorian Oamaru hotels.

There are various choices of accommodation in Oamaru and they range from hotels, motels, Bed and Breakfast and hostels.

For budget travelers, you may find that almost all of the low cost accommodation like motels and hostels are very well kept and clean. In addition amenities are varied and modern.

If you travel to New Zealand and plan to stay in a hotel for all your creature comforts, there are small boutique hotels available and bigger hotels that have up to 100 rooms in Oamaru.

Criterion Hotel in Oamaru

Criterion Hotel

The Criterion Hotel is an hotel cum bed & breakfast establishment that is housed in an old Victorian building that was built in 1877. It was built using local limestone, called Oamaru Limestone, and was also refurbished.

All the rooms in the Criterion Hotel have a Victorian theme so staying in this hotel is like stepping back in time.

Criterion Hotel Oamaru

Victorian theme rooms in the Criterion Hotel Oamaru

If you like the old nostalgia feeling of the bygone days, this would be the hotel for you. Room rates are reasonable and they start from NZD80 to NZD160.

Oamaru Hotels

    Criterion Hotel

    3 Tyne Street, Oamaru

    T: 64 3 434 6247

    Freephone within NZ: 0800 259 334

    E: criterion@xtra.co.nz

    Web: Criterion Hotel Oamaru

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Kingsgate Hotel Brydone Oamaru

Kingsgate Hotel Brydone Oamaru

    Kingsgate Hotel Brydone Oamaru

    115 Thames Street

    Oamaru 9444

    T: 64 3 434 0011

    E: kingsgate.oamaru@millenniumhotels.co.nz

    Web : Kingsgate Hotel Brydone Oamaru

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