Oamaru restaurants

List of all Oamaru restaurants, cafes and eateries. No matter what your budget and food preferences may be: there are a host of choices for dining out when you travel to New Zealand’s Oamaru. This comprises of country cafes, restaurants and pubs.


Based on my personal experience, the best coffee ever I have ever tasted was in this tiny café called Criterion Café located in a Victorian building of the Criterion Hotel Oamaru, next to the harbor. There is nothing fanciful about the place but it is cozy and homely:


Oamaru’s eateries offer international cuisine and local fare like the blue cod and beef. For wines you should try their central Otago wines and ales.


Criterion Hotel Oamaru


List of Oamaru restaurants, cafes and eateries


Oamaru restaurants


Some of the local eateries are :


  • Fat Sally’s Pub and Restaurant – 84 Thames St, Oamaru – Cuisine A la carte – T: +643 434 8368
    Fat Sally's Pub and Restaurant Oamaru 
  • Galleon Complex – 500 Thames Highway Oamaru – Family Restaurant and Entertainment Centre – T: +643 437 0128
    Galleon Complex 
  • The Last Post Restaurant – 12 Thames Street, Oamaru – T: +643 434 8080
    Last Post Oamaru 
  • Latitude 45 Café and Wine Bar – 1 Ribble St, Oamaru – T: +643 434 3426
    Latitude 45 
  • Riverstone Kitchen Oamaru – Judged Runner-Up in the 2008 Cuisine Restaurant of the Year Awards (Casual/Regional) – 1431 State Highway 1, RD 5H, Oamaru – T: +643 431 3505
    Riverstone Kitchen Oamaru 


Click on some of the Oamaru restaurants in the list for more details.

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