Moeraki Boulders

The Moeraki Boulders are a worthwhile place to stop if you are driving from

Oamaru restaurants

List of all Oamaru restaurants, cafes and eateries. No matter what your budget and

List of Attractions

Oamaru is a relatively small town but there is a wide variety of main

Oamaru Penguins

One of the must-see natural attractions when visiting New Zealand are the Oamaru penguins.

New Zealand Accommodation

Save money on your New Zealand accommodation with expert budget travel tips to find

Blue penguins colony

One of the must-see attractions of your New Zealand vacation are the Oamaru blue

Riverstone Kitchen Oamaru

When you are in Oamaru, where do you go for simple and fresh foods?

Portside Restaurant Oamaru

Enjoy dinner on the East Coast. The Portside Restaurant is located at the entrance

Criterion Hotel

Enjoy the Criterion Hotel in Oamaru : it’s a beautiful historic Victorian hotel built

Oamaru Creek Bed and Breakfast

Victorian Oamaru Creek Bed and Breakfast is housed in a historic building that dates