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    How to save money on your New Zealand accommodation with expert budget travel tips to find the best hotels, motels, baches, or bed and breakfast in
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Oamaru NZ in a nutshell


  • Oamaru New Zealand summarized
    Homepage of Oamaru New Zealand, showing you how your typical day in Oamaru NZ could look like.
  • Things to do in Oamaru
    All things to do in Oamaru: by yourself or following Oamaru tourism tours. If you prefer to let others do their job while you sit back and relax, then taking a tour is a good option to see Oamaru and the surrounding region. 
  • Oamaru NZ Accommodation
    Choose your preferred Oamaru accommodation from our complete list of accommodation in Oamaru.
    • Oamaru Backpackers
      List of cheap accommodation in Oamaru NZ. If you are looking for cheap backpackers accommodation in or near Oamaru, there are several choices available. Budget travel in New Zealand is plentiful and Oamaru backpackers are no exception.
    • Oamaru Hotels
      Introducing Oamaru’s 2 Victorian hotels for a great stay with all comforts.
  • Oamaru NZ Attractions
    Although Oamaru NZ is a relatively small town, there is a wide variety of attractions both within the town centre or just a little further afield. An ideal sleep over city with lots of things to see and to do when you travel to New Zealand along the East Coast.
  • Oamaru NZ Restaurants
    List of all Oamaru NZ restaurants, cafes and eateries. No matter what your budget and food preferences may be: there are a host of choices for dining out when you travel to New Zealand’s Oamaru. List comprises of country cafes, restaurants and pubs. 
  • 9 day weather forecast Oamaru NZ
  • Where is Oamaru
    Oamaru NZ maps:
    Oamaru is located in the Otago region on the east coast of the South Island of New Zealand. It is almost midway between Christchurch in the north and Dunedin in the south.
  • Oamaru History
    Oamaru is gaining increasing popularity among visitors who travel to New Zealand due to its attractions including the rich Oamaru history and architecture. The old magnificent buildings in the historical precinct of the town have been well restored and preserved, and continue to be a major attraction of this New Zealand town. These fine buildings were created in the 19th century from the local limestone that is now known as Oamaru Stone. You can re-live Oamaru’s history by taking a ride on the authentic Oamaru Steam Train or by visiting the historic Totara estate.
  • Oamaru NZ
    The page you are reading now listing all attractions, restaurants, accommodations and weather forecast of Oamaru plus pictures and general info about New Zealand holidays.

Oamaru New Zealand Accommodation

Oamaru Bed and Breakfast


  • Burnside Homestead
    Burnside Homestead Oamaru NZ is a premium B&B country lodge and is ideal for visitors who travel to New Zealand to look for a truly historic experience.
  • Eden Lodge Oamaru
    Staying in a bed and breakfast establishment like Eden Lodge Oamaru will enable you to mingle with the locals and get first hand tips on where to eat and what to see. Eden Lodge Oamaru NZ is a pretty looking historic town house located only a block away from the main shopping area of Oamaru New Zealand. Parking is no problem as there are plenty of offstreet parking spaces. 
  • Oamaru Creek Bed and Breakfast
    Victorian Oamaru Creek Bed and Breakfast is housed in a historic building of the early 1900s. Centrally located with easy access to Oamaru’s major attraction spots like the Penguin colonies, old harbor area and historic precinct. A pretty, contemporary and stylish B&B. One special feature of this Oamaru NZ accommodation is that it uses natural linen and their breakfast is prepared with local organic produce.  
  • Pen y Bryn Lodge Oamaru
    If you are looking for a classy and stylish hotel to stay in when you travel to New Zealand, you really can’t go wrong with Pen-y-Bryn Lodge Oamaru. This is a luxury boutique hotel that encompasses fine rooms (all five of it), unsurpassed hospitality and elegant living all at once. This beautiful hotel is located on a hillside with views of Oamaru, the sea and the mountains. It is ideal for honeymooners, weddings or for any special occasion. 


Oamaru Motels:

In Oamaru, self contained accommodation like motels is available for travelers who opt for kitchen facilities and private bathroom. You will be amazed by the cleanliness and level of comfort of a budget motel in Oamaru NZ.

  • Alpine Motel Oamaru
    Alpine Motel Oamaru NZ is very conveniently located near to the town centre, historic precinct and harbor. It is also within walking distance to attractions like the Waitaki Aquatic Centre, Museum and Public Gardens. So if you are not keen on driving around to get from one place to another, this motel would be ideal. 
  • Armada Motor Inn Oamaru
    Motels in New Zealand are more often than not well-kept, clean and well equipped with kitchen facilities. In Oamaru one of town’s largest motel complex, the Armada Motor Inn Oamaru NZ has 27 units that include a honeymoon suite and smoke free units. 
  • Avenue Motel Oamaru
    The Avenue Motel is located not too far from Oamaru town. There are 10 rooms available all in all, and they are all located in ground units. This Oamaru NZ motel is very convenient as you can just park
    your car right in front of your room door and you don’t have to get wet and cold if the weather is bad. 
  • Colonial Lodge Motel Oamaru
    The Colonial Lodge Motel Oamaru NZ is located along the Thames Highway, and is close to the penguin colony conservation centre and Oamaru’s historic centre. There are 10 ground floor units and you can just park your car or vehicle in front of your unit. 
  • Midway Motel Oamaru
    Midway Motel Oamaru NZ is located close to Oamaru city centre – about 2 minute walk away. As such, it is within easy reach to most of the main attractions in town like the historic area, the blue penguin colony and Oamaru’s museum.


Oamaru Hotels

  • Criterion Hotel Oamaru
    A beautiful historic Victorian hotel built in 1877: the Criterion Hotel in Oamaru NZ is centrally located in town. This hotel has been restored to high standards, and it is now a resplendent hotel (bed and breakfast). Within its premises, it has a bar, snug and comfortable accommodation all decked out in Victorian splendor. 
  • Empire Hotel Backpackers
    Enjoy an amazing budget accommodation in the Empire Hotel Backpackers in historical Thames Street in Oamaru NZ, 80 meters away from the Oamaru information centre (I-Site) and in walking distance of the Oamaru penguins. Also cheap accommodation available for budget travelers with a choice in single rooms and twin rooms. 
  • Kingsgate Hotel Brydone Oamaru
    The Kingsgate Hotel Brydone is the oldest and largest hotel in Oamaru NZ, managed by the Millenium Hotel and Resorts. Located in the central business area with 4 types of rooms available – standard, superior, superior plus and junior suites. The superior plus and junior suites are housed in the historic wing which was built in 1881. All the other standard and superior rooms are in the Pacific wing that was added on in 1975. 

Oamaru NZ Restaurants


  • Criterion Hotel Oamaru Restaurant
    The restaurant of the Victorian Criterion Hotel
  • Portside Restaurant Oamaru
    Enjoy dinner on the East Coast. The Portside Restaurant is located at the entrance to Oamaru’s historic harbour. Its stunning view from the
    restaurant makes it a memorable dining experience.
  • Riverstone Kitchen Oamaru
    When you are in Oamaru, where do you go for simple and fresh foods? You can savour the local produce at Riverstone Kitchen that is located on the Waitaki Plains about 12 km from Oamaru. Due to the continental climate and rich soils, fruits and vegetables thrive in Oamaru, and some of NZ’s best produce come from this region. 

Oamaru Attractions


  • Things to do in Oamaru
    Summary of all things to do in Oamaru NZ.
  • Moeraki Boulders
    The Moeraki Boulders are a worthwhile place to stop if you are driving from Oamaru NZ to Christchurch on the east coast of the South Island. These mystical boulders are a number of large and spherical stones found along the Koekohe Beach between Moeraki and Hampden on the Otago coast of New Zealand. 
  • Blue Penguins Colony
    One of the must-see attractions of your New Zealand vacation are the Oamaru blue penguins. The Oamaru penguins colony is located within walking distance from the historic town centre near the harbor.
  • Oamaru Penguins
    Not many people who travel to New Zealand are aware that there are actually blue penguins and yellow-eyed penguins in Oamaru NZ. 
  • Oamaru Gardens
    Enjoy beautiful flowers, waterfalls and even a fragrant garden in the Oamaru gardens during your travel to New Zealand.Entry is free and there is a playground, bird aviary, duck pond and picnic areas within the grounds.
  • Oamaru Steam Train
    Ever dreamt about New Zealand tours by steam train? Enjoy Oamaru’s history by hitching a ride on the Oamaru steam train when you travel to New Zealand. In the historic precinct of Oamaru, you will find a small vintage railway run by the Oamaru Steam and Rail society in the centre of the
    historic precinct. This restored vintage train runs from the Harbourside station to Quarry Siding at the historical “Red Sheds”. Enroute of this Oamaru attraction you will be able to see some of Oamaru’s oldest buildings, and the
    town’s first Railway Station and railway yard. After this, the steam train tour takes you to the bottom of the clay cliffs next to the Victorian Harbour. 
  • Totara Estate
    If you are interested in the living history of New Zealand one of the must-see places is Totara Estate in the South of Oamaru. This historical farm building was where the country’s export meat trade was born, and which has now turned into a billion dollar industry. 

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