List of Attractions

Oamaru is a relatively small town but there is a wide variety of main attractions both within the town centre or just a little further afield. An ideal sleep over city when you travel to New Zealand along the East Coast. A city to consider for those moving to New Zealand for retirement. Visit one… Continue reading List of Attractions

Oamaru Penguins

One of the must-see natural attractions when visiting New Zealand are the Oamaru penguins. Not many people who travel to New Zealand are aware that there are actually blue penguins and yellow-eyed penguins in Oamaru. The little blue penguins of Oamaru are the world’s smallest penguins and they are less than a foot high. This… Continue reading Oamaru Penguins

Blue penguins colony

One of the must-see attractions of your New Zealand vacation are the Oamaru blue penguins. The Oamaru penguins colony is located within walking distance from the historic town centre near the harbor. Colony size The number of blue penguins you can see in Oamaru depends on the season: the best time to view penguins would… Continue reading Blue penguins colony