List of all accommodation

Choose your preferred Oamaru accommodation from our complete list of accommodation in Oamaru. Are you thinking of a holiday to Oamaru? When planning your New Zealand vacation, one of the most important decisions you need to make would pertain to your accommodation while on the road. Do read our tips and tricks for saving money… Continue reading List of all accommodation

Empire Hotel Backpackers

Enjoy amazing budget accommodation in the Empire Hotel Backpackers in historical Thames Street in Oamaru, 80 meters away from the Oamaru information centre (I Site) and in walking distance of the Oamaru penguins. Also cheap accommodation available for budget travelers with a choice in single rooms and twin rooms. The Empire Hotel Backpackers is one… Continue reading Empire Hotel Backpackers

List for Backpackers

If you are looking for cheap backpackers accommodation in or near Oamaru, there are several choices available. Budget travel in New Zealand is plentiful and Oamaru backpackers are no exception. Empire Hotel Backpackers This is a restored historic hotel built in local white limestone back in 1867. For backpackers who travel to Oamaru: it is… Continue reading List for Backpackers